What benefits do you get from learning how to punch? 

What benefits do you get from learning how to punch? 

Punching is not only about fighting; it can be done for health-related reasons. Do not hesitate to slip into a pair of boxing gloves and head for the punching bag. Punching for fitness is a very trendy way to get fit fast, and the results are amazing.

Reduce Stress Fast

You might have had a bad day, but you can make it better by hitting the punching bag. When you hit the bag, you can feel your stress melt away; the best part of it is the punching bag won't hit back or even talk back. After a couple of rounds of punching, your mood will be better, and whatever was troubling you is now history.

Healthy and Fast Way to Lose Weight

One can drop pounds quickly while replacing the body fat with lean muscle. For example, a person weighing 130 pounds can burn 175 calories while punching a heavy bag for thirty minutes. To burn more calories, pair up with a pad holder or an experienced trainer.

Improve Coordination

Your hand-eye coordination improves quickly through punching as your focus is set on hitting a target. When your partner is holding pads for you, you can concentrate hard on punching the target, but after a while it will become natural to bust out combinations blindfolded. Once you get the footwork down and start moving around, you can graduate to hitting a moving target. You will see a vast improvement in your hand-eye coordination.

Low Impact Work Out

Most sports and exercise can be tough on your whole body and joints, such as jogging and running. Boxing, being a combat sport, is very low impact if you avoid sparring and do it only for fitness. The impact from the punches is taken by the gloves which have excellent shock absorption properties.

Final Thoughts on Punching

Punching is a great way to keep in shape and feel good about your body. Your body will be fit, lean, and muscular. You will move with ease and will have fun getting in shape.


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