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  • What to know about Penny Oleksiak and Taylor Madison Ruck

    The Olympic Games is where the best of the best meet to test their skills. Where age does not matter, only the ambition, and the aggressive spirit of the athletes, it is always an honor to represent one’s country on the world’s stage like the Olympic Games. Penny Oleksiak and Taylor…

  • Who is Tracy Caulkins?

    Tracy Anne Caulkins is a 53 year-old former competition swimmer. She is a three time Olympic gold medalist and five time world champion and a former world record holder in three events. She started training at the age of 8 after watching the 1972 Munich Olympics. She decided that she wanted to…

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    In today’s life, women are equally participating with men in every field and they are also contributing in the field of sports. There are several prominent and famous women athletes whose contribution cannot be neglected. Two of them are Janet Guthrie and Toni Stone Janet Guthrie Janet Guthrie…

  • Elina Svitolina of the Ukraine

    Elina Svotolina is a young tennis player from the Ukraine. She was born in 1994 and began playing tennis when she was only five years old. According to her, it was her childhood dream to play tennis and now she is achieving her goals. In an interview she told her fans about her skills and personal…

  • Three American women who have won the ESPY Award

    The ESPY awards are held each year to celebrate the world of sports, both male and female, single players and teams. The ESPY awards are presented by ESPN and televised on the ESPN network. Despite being a paid cable channel and marketed towards those with a keen interest in sports, ESPN and the…

  • Three athletic women who are over the age of 50

    These women are fitter, stronger and healthier than most of us! They have accomplished great many things in their lives and continue to do so in spite of battling cancer, injuries and even surgeries. Their competitive spirit keeps them going. MARJORIE TEMPLETON is 80 years old now and she works out…